The next democracy: Unlearn at Innocracy 2018

Transforming paradigms, institutions, and the market– this was the subtitle of the Innocracy Conference 2018. Hanno curated and hosted the conference in his function as Strategic Lead of the Think Tank Das Progressive Zentrum. 

For the second time, we invited democratic innovators from all over Europe to Berlin. Around 150 people gathered in our event location, the Kalkscheune, just a stone throw away from the German Parliament. 

Speakers like Ulrike GuérotTomas Björkman, Indra Adnan, Patrizia Nanz and Claus Leggewie, Guillaume Liégey, Kübra Gümüsay, and many others enriched the conference with their input. In the evening, the conference was followed by a summer party of Das Progressive Zentrum, which hosted around 600 guests. 

You can find Hanno’s Input on the Future of Democracy and Democratic Transformation here. Klara hosted a workshop on the interconnectedness of personal transformation and system transformation. Pictures of the conference can be found here.